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In The Studio: Making "The White Years" with Akrid

Akrid is a band in the NELA scene that is getting well known playing along sides of old school legends Angry Samoans, The Gears and their contemporary peers local heroes Pedal Strike. Their sound can be described as organic old school 80's punk with a strong melodic sensibility very reminiscent of bands like The Replacements and The Pixies.

I was excited to receive the call to possibly record their first full length album. I arranged a meeting to discuss what they had in mind for the production. After a our brief discussion we agreed we would have to capture the album live with minimal overdubs including solos with the exception of the vocals that would be overdubbed .

As standard issue with me I made sure all the tones were dialed to taste of the band before I added my suggestions. I made sure we had a really good headphone mix and went for it. I took the same approach with the mix, there were very minimal edits. I just made sure we had punchy drums heavy guitars and the bass and vocals were clear and not too polished.

Mastering the album was kept simple to keep the transparency. I really like using the Apollo "Oxide" Tape emulations along with Waves limiters they really allow you to get really nice volume without sacrificing the natural dynamics of the music.

Akrid's album was officially released January 12 to a packed house at Cafe Nela which is one of my favorite spots to catch music.

This album was fun to make and looking forward to future recording with Akrid.

Take a listen to the links below!

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