Enjoy tracking live in the studio to capture the energy and feel of your songs through a Vintage Quad Eight recording console straight to analog tape or protools with full isolation.


Mix your project through the rich sound of a Quad Eight Analog recording console in combination with the latest plugins for the absolute best quality.


Master your tracks using the latest plugins to improve the quality of your mixes adding clarity, depth, punch and volume.

Analog Tape Transfers

Baking treatment and transfer of analog tapes for re-mixing, re-mastering and archival Purposes. All sizes and Head configurations. (24 track, 2 Track)

Baking treatment removes moisture that accumulates on the tape oxide to prevent further degradation allowing for a consistent transfer of the recorded material.

Mobile Recording

Producing high quality multi-track recordings of any size concert venue. All recordings are done using an isolated splitter box, hi-end microphones and pre-amps fully independent of the FOH mixing console that can be used for broadcast applications such as: concert albums, concert videos, concert archiving.

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